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A product with a title that does not really tell you what it is has been launched and this is a training course called Deadbeat Super Affiliate. The author, Dan Brock, is an affiliate marketer who generates a lot of money on the Internet. By setting up different income streams that in numerous cases run themselves, he enjoys a lifestyle that is possibly the inspiration behind the title of the course. Amazon’s affiliate program is the main subject of this online course and how you can earn commissions as an associate.

There are several positive factors that make Amazon a great site to earn money as an associate. Customers wanting to purchase something frequent the Amazon marketplace, so you can make affiliate sales by putting yourself in front of customers at the point of the purchasing decision. The Amazon web site is a reliable place to make a purchase which is one less obstacle you have to get over when sending someone to Amazon. In addition, there are literally thousands of different products and markets you can go for, so you should be able to find an area to compete in.

As there are just too many items and niches to market, one of the tougher things to do as an affiliate is to choice the right ones to promote. How Dan is able to do this, is ready for you to use in making your selections. The course is video based, so you will be able to look over his shoulder as he goes into Amazon and searches for a niche to compete in. You may discover that the commission rates offered by Amazon are rather small. However, it is the current cost of the good you have to take into consideration. Dan has various steps he uses to assess a niche before proceeding.

So the first part of the online course is all about which items to promote and keyword research. Next, the course goes on to how you are going to be promoting the items you select from your research. Buying a domain and getting a web host are discussed in particular if you are a newbie. Regardless of your level of experience, make certain see every video as areas such as having the right domain is essential. The sites you will put up are really WordPress blogs which you are shown how to do although once more this is may be something you already have experience of.

Dan then advances to the articles to be posted on your site and how these should be crafted and search engine optimized. From the initial training you will have learned to create a list of keywords for this step of the process. Everything is then set up for you to use the various techniques to get your web site indexed and ranked and the links you need to do this.

Actually, this is a step-by-step system taking you right from the start of finding items to promote to actually making sales and increasing conversions. In addition to the videos, there is a good deal of other information to aid you.

If you want to find out how to make money from Amazon, then Deadbeat Super Affiliate is a great place to begin.

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