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For Fast Satellite Internet Meet These Equipment and Computer System Requirements


If you want fast satellite Internet, you’ll need various pieces of equipment and you’ll need to make sure your computer is equipped with the right hardware and software. When you’re ready to sign up with one of the high speed satellite Internet providers, double check on what equipment/software you need before you buy it; just to be sure. But the following list will help you get started.

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A High-Speed Internet Connection Requires This Equipment

– Minidish: By having a 28” x 26” satellite dish (which is really quite small), you can access fast satellite Internet. This is a big improvement over the huge satellite dishes used in the 1980s. The little dish at your home works as an antenna. It communicates with an orbiting satellite 22,000 miles above the equator by sending and receiving microwaves.
– Modem: A modem allows your computer to speak to the satellite dish. Without the modem, your equipment won’t speak to each other and you won’t have a high speed satellite Internet connection.
– It goes without saying that you need a computer or tablet/phone/device that can connect to the Internet. You can’t get on the web without a computer!
– Wireless router – A wireless router is only necessary if you plan to create a wireless network (where more than one computer can jump on the same fast satellite Internet connection).

If You Want a High Speed Satellite Internet Connection, You Need a Computer to Meet These System Requirements

You’ll need a fast processing speed of 300MHz or more if you use a Mac. And Apple users need to make sure their computer is running on one of the latest operating systems. Last, you’ll need 128 MB RAM, 100 MB hard drive space, and an ethernet card.

If you work and/or play on a PC, make sure your computer has a processing speed of 300 MHz or more. Does your PC operate on the latest system such as Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP? Last, your computer needs at least 128 RAM, 100 MB of hard drive space, and an ethernet card.

Last, but not Least, Check Your Software

You need to make sure your anti-virus software and web browser are the most recent versions before you connect to the Internet. Even if your high speed Internet provider hooks you up with updated anti-virus software, do your part by always making sure it’s the latest version.

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With all these requirements met (equipment, hardware, and software), you’re ready to connect to the web.

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