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Understanding WP Twin With Regards To WordPress Cloning

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WP Twin could be described as a WordPress cloning software that allows you to back-up your blog. It is also useful to clone websites multiple times, easily and quickly. It’s really a software tool that will help you to reproduce your entire blog along with all things on it. This includes plug-ins, blog posts, pages, comments, themes, customizations, and also trash. The software then enables you to set up every one of these data files straight to yet another WordPress site.

You can acquire WP Twin for the price of $97.00. The amount is a one-time payment, with zero cost lifetime upgrades. For more details and resources on this article, remember to be sure to take a look at WP Twin.

What Makes Backup And Cloning Software Important?

It usually is wise to guard yourself from hackers and also other dangers which may destroy the website you have labored so hard to build. WP Twin WordPress cloner is most effective to help replicate all the things within your blog. This will make it simple to retrieve a precise identical copy, in the event that something fails.

Upon having secured your blog using this method, you might also have all the self-assurance to try out different ways which will make your blog much better. If you come up with a backup when you start fiddling, restoring isn’t going to be an issue:

– if you might not like anything you did
– in case you made a miscalculation
– or perhaps in the event you accidentally wiped out your blog

What Makes WP Twin Different From All The Other Cloning Programs?

It really is distinct from the other WordPress cloning tools since it is not a plug-in. Rather, it makes use of .php scripts to get the job done. If you use WP Twin, you are required to download a zipfile which contain basic .php scripts. Thus, the script is saved in your database rather than in your WordPress website as a plugin.

In addition to this fundamental distinction, WP Twin has many other differences from various other WordPress cloning and backup software . If you would like extra online tips on blogging in general, take a look at this here.

The Many Applications Of WP Twin For The Internet Affiliate

The partners that created this tool, Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos, came up with software that has a lot of use for the affiliate marketer. The two are actually known for designing useful products of this nature. If you are an online entrepreneur, then you should take a look at S3flowsield, WP Mobile Pro, and the Rapid Crush Software Club.

Here, then, is a checklist of exactly what the WP Twin is able to do:

– WP Twin could be used to copy entire websites
– WP Twin can be used to duplicate one website to generate a number of sites
– WP Twin includes a bonus plugin designed for creating sales pages
– You can create pre-packaged sites then sell them

What Might WP Twin Replicate?

The reply to that is any wordpress blog site, also sizeable ones with numerous posts. However, to furnish us all an idea of just what WP Twin can do, below is a short list of what WP Twin can duplicate which some other backup tools most likely are not equipped to do:

– robots.txt
– htaccess settings
– non-Wordpress folders

Using WP Twin

For you to use WP Twin, you need a blog site that you would like to duplicate. And then, you will also need one more site with WordPress already installed. Here is where you put your completely duplicated website in.

You will also have to operate an FTP client like Filezilla, for this is how you are able to upload the data files on your server. Right after that, it will be simply click and drag just about all the way.

Upon downloading your zipfile, you get a pair of .php scripts. You will employ this pair of scripts during the cloning process. One script will be uploaded to the original site that you want to duplicate. The second script is actually for deploying the cloned data files into your duplicate blog site.

With just a few clicks and a few seconds to download, you can create your WordPress blog clone with WP Twin. Do this multiple times, and you’ll have created several sites from a single blog template.

Check out the the video clip below to know more about WP Twin.

WP Twin Download

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