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When Search Engines Fail To Satisfy

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Even if there are a number of sophisticated search engines, the vastness of the Internet remains overwhelming that all they can get to from the massive information reservoir of the Web is its surface according to a new study. The 41 page research paper, prepared by a South Dakota company that has developed new software to plumb up the Internet’s depths, estimates the World Wide Web is 500 times larger than the maps provided by popular search engines like Yahoo, AltaVista and Google dot com.

When it comes to these hidden information coves, they have been the cause of much frustration for those who cannot find what they need online. There are a lot of complaints nowadays when it comes to search engines that you can easily compare them with the weather. In terms of the invisible Web, this is the association to the uncharted territory of the Internet’s World Wide Web sector for so long. Our search engine optimization article is further discussed at Seo Australia.

Distinguishing the terrain from what is considered to be the surface information captured by the Internet search engines, there is one Sioux Falls start up company that describes it as the deep Web. Do not expect an invisible Web today as what was here before. Actually, the general manager of the company considers this to be what is cool about what they are involved in. As what researchers mentioned, a substantial part of the internet is represented by these underutilized outposts of cyberspace but the only one that explored the back roads of the Web extensively was this company.

Deploying new software which has been developed over the past six months, it estimates there are now about 550 billion documents stored on the Web. One billion pages can be indexed with the combined efforts of Internet search engines. In mid 1994, one of the first Web engines called lycos was able to index close to 54,000 pages. While search engines obviously have come a long way since 1994, they aren’t indexing even more pages because an increasing amount of information is stored in evolving, giant databases set up by government agencies, universities and corporations.

Considering dynamic information stored in databases search engines rely on technology that is able to identify static pages instead. A home site that houses a huge database is where search engines will bring you and in order to find out what is in the site you will be required to make more queries. Thanks for reading about search engine optimization, further tips and resources are found on Search Engine Marketing Australia.

Thanks to the software called lexibot, the company was able to make a solution. One search request is enough to start things off and then it searches the various pages indexed by traditional search engines and even goes into the Internet databases obtaining information from them. For a software like this one, executives say that it is not for everybody. For this software, the cost is around $89 after the 30 day free trial period lapses. The case with the lexibot is that it is not any faster than usual. Around 90 minutes at a time is how much time it would take to process complex searches while ordinary ones will take 10 to 25 minutes to complete.

Considering this, grandma should not even expect to make use of it to locate chocolate chip cookie or carrot cake recipes through the Internet. It is according to the privately held company that lexibot should be utilized in the academic and scientific circles. For a number of Internet veterans the research of the company was fascinating but they also mentioned how it is possible for the software to become overwhelming.

When it comes to the ever growing World Wide Web, there might be a need for specialized search engines. There is not much success that will accompany the use of a centralized approach in this matter. Speaking of the company’s greatest challenge this is probably finding a way to tell the world about their rather amazing breakthrough.

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