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How To Improve Your Blog Traffic

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I assume you are always on the lookup to get a bit more blog traffic. If so you are in luck as I am going to show two proven and effective strategies that if they are put them into operation you will get more blog traffic. In this piece I am going to achieve this by posting on other blogs and by making use of your auto responder software.

By posting useful comments on other blogs, it is a proven yet efficient way to get more traffic to your blog. Bear in mind that you need to leave helpful comment that may add something to the blog post you are commenting on. Simply by leaving a comment saying “great post” would not be sufficient and would be flagged as spam by most blog owners.

An alternative way it’s possible to get more blog traffic is by do guest blog articles on other blogs. What you need to do is to contact the blog owner of another blog in your niche and ask him if he accepts guest posts on his post. If your post is composed of good content then no sane blog owner will refuse your offer, since he is getting content for free on his blog. To push traffic to your blog then all that you need is a link at the end of the post inviting the blog readers to go to your blog.

This other tip only applies if you have got a list or currently building your list. If you are using AWeber as the software that handles your list building efforts, you need to use an inbuilt function which will send a broadcast to all of your customers when you make a new blog post.

An alternative way which will get more blog traffic using your autoresponder is that in the preset sequence you set, is to invite your subscribers to visit a certain post. This is useful particularly with older posts as these usually have a tendency to get buried by newer ones. To keep your blog more interesting always invite your visitors to leave a comment on what do they think about your post or if they have something to contribute to that post.

So now I gave you a couple of solid tips so as to get more blog traffic. Now what you need to do is go and implement them so that you too can get more blog traffic. To get a bit more tips on how to get rather more blog traffic check these out : more blog visitors and

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