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Web design and keyword choice very often get overlooked when we talk about SEO. Everyone wants to drive traffic, build links, build content and make a living. So do we, but without a well thought out gameplan, your success is going to be lessened. A solid foundation will allow you to manage your campaign properly. Even if you already have a site built, going back to many of these basic principals will allow you to go back and fine tune things to work with a higher success ratio.

The first thing you need to do is brainstorm. Type in a word doc a list of keywords and keyword phrases. Go ahead and make as large of a list as you would like, but for this particular demo, I am going to use a short list for one of my sites that revolves around creating a blog site.

Now we will use an excellent tool to explore how to choose good keywords. This is a free tool that is great and part of Google Adwords. It is the keyword tool, if you have not used it, you should go check it out now. Search for “Google keyword tool” if you have not signed up for Adwords. If you do use Adwords, you can click on “tools” under campaign management, then choose “keyword tool”. It is a great tool, and it is free.

Take your list of keywords and paste it in the box marked “get keyword ideas”. For this example, I used internet marketing services. It may not be directly related, but it will be a good example to look at for what we are looking at. The tool will take a couple seconds while it is thinking, then spit out a list for you, potentially large. This list may look something like this (but much larger depending on how many keywords you use):

  • internet marketing promotion
  • internet marketing analysis
  • internet marketing advertising
  • internet marketing business
  • global internet marketing
  • strategic internet marketing
  • internet marketing products

The great thing about this tool is that it allows you to see how often a keyword is searched for on Google. Also, it shows you by a bar graph, how much competition there is for that individual keyword. In this manner, you can get a reliable guess of your search volume and how difficult it should be to rank well for your chosen term. If you would like more info, please feel free to download our free seo ebook. This seo ebook will walk you through the entire optimization process in baby steps. Not only that, it is completely free!

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