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The Particular Guild Wars-A Great Game


The Guild Wars 2 is a very great game. Many players choose this game because it is different from other online role playing games. The players need to make a lot of choices in the game playing. 1st, they will need to choose the race of the character and then the professions. There are five races in the game you can find dating. There are also five professions to choose from. I hop the players can enjoy the game with the strategies.

The players will need to prepare some strategies to play the game. This game is different from other online role playing games because it includes a different mode of game playing. There are only Player vs . Player mode and the Player vs . Environment mode. This means the game players will fight against with other players or with the environment.

All the battles will take place on the land of Tyria. The land was devastated by the evil dragons. The players will need to destroy the dragon to save the planet. Quests can be done in the game. You will get some reward such as the cheap GW2 gold after you finished the battle. You can practice your skills in the quests. You can have better weapons and armors in the quests. When you are fighting with the dragons they may drop some weapons or armors. You can pick the armors and weapons.

Once you defeated the dragons or other players you can gain experience in battles. The experience will allow you to get to a higher level. That is why so many people want to level up their character. When you reached a higher level, you may have more chance to earn GW2 gold. In the same time, you will have a greater chance to kill the dragons. You will be able to have unique skills to each profession. That will make you different from other players.