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Superior CPA Sites are Getting Considerably Less Expensive

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How many practices, I sometimes wonder, are paying someone to operate their CPA websites? Is your site from way back and full of obsolete features and facts because you?re dreading the cost and time involved with making changes to it?

Rapid changes have been made to the way we develop CPA websites. A huge amount of education was required to be a designer a decade ago. Designers had to be proficient with code editors like Front Page, and they had to be familiar with extraordinary programming languages like HTML.

Well, things change.

There is a fresh new technology called a “CMS”, or “Content Management System that renders designers much less important to the development and upkeep of almost all simple websites. Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying: these adept people are still crucial parts of the web site design industry, but their purpose is changing focus. Any fairly computer able person can likely use this method to be their own webmaster. Essentially all a Content Management System is, actually, is a “point and click website editor”. It permits you to add and cut pages. Using what is oftentimes referred to as a “WYSIWYG editor”, essentially just a an immensely straight forward word processor, you can also edit pages. WYSIWYG just means “What You See is What You Get”. It allows any user to make tables and upload pictures, and otherwise format the pages. You can likewise change the entire architecture of the web site by editing the website’s Navigation Menu and arranging pages.

All the functions that took a expert programmer hours to do only a decade ago can now be rapidly and easily done by nearly anybody with the help of a Content Management System.

These days customers automatically get access to a free or economical CMS from nearly every major hosting service that provides effective CPA websites.

Obviously the outstanding difference between a CMS and a custom website designer is cost. For most small CPA firms this is a big difference. Most designers are typically not as motivated as you are to get your work completed in an immediate manner and most make as much as $45 or more per hour. Professional design jobs can have turn around times on design jobs of A month or more.

If these costs seem high to you brace yourself. These costs don’t even include the cost of actually designing the site. Designing effective CPA websites from scratch can frequently take 200 hours or more. That means months of wait time and thousands of dollars invested. Content Management System website providers avoid this expense by constructing the sites in advance and offering menus of “ready-to-use” site templates.

Some website owners balk at using “templates” or already have unique websites that they have spent piles of cash on and are pleased with, so loads of Content Management System providers are able to tweak their existing templates to better reflect your brand (if not straight-out replicate your current site) quite inexpensively. This may be an emerging technology but it’s disseminating rather fast.

Unfortunately, while economical and easy to manage, websites built in this way typically lack fundamental content. Before you dash off to a generic hosting service do a Google search for website providers that specialize in “CPA websites”. An entire side industry has been built encompassing the need for accounting focused content.

CPA Site Solutions is the best of these, to my mind. They’ve been providing extraordinary CPA websites for accounting firms for more than 10 years.

Visit this video and you’ll understand what we are suggesting when we talk about “CPA specific content”.

CPA Websites

Make a note of the free reports, tax due dates, links to tax forms and publications, a portal for transferring accounting files, interactive financial calculators, email, and a host of similar tools built specifically for website owners in the accounting industry. A website like this can be comparatively utile for a tremendously limited number of concerns outside their intended market, maybe a head-hunter or business consultant might use a lot of the pages on this site, but it would be worthless to a business like a restaurant.

In these problematic economic times it?s past time to reflect on new solutions for most small and medium sized CPA firms. Applying a Content Management System that specializes in CPA websites will reduce your costs and at the same time improve your power over your website.

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