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Internet Searches Increase The Small Business Market

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The importance of the internet to expand your local business cannot be overstated. In the latest statistics collected, total Internet users in the world exceeds 3 billion people. The Internet has become the second most common medium used in the world after television. There is an ever-increasing number of businesses, buyers, purchasing managers, engineers, and consumers searching the Internet on a daily basis. And they are looking for products, services, and new technologies. Is your small business there for them to find?

Internet users in general search by using multiple word phrases; other use a category search; and yet others type in questions. When customers have a problem that they need to solve, they go to the internet to find the answer 93% of the time. Generic keywords or questions are used by 92% of these searches. Is your business listed in their search results so they can come to your business for their solution?

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ixquick are the most used methods by people looking for solutions to their problems. And the search engines are very successful in supplying the solutions: 85% of the inquiries were answered from the information supplied the first time by the search engines.

The entire results that are listed from these searches can cover one page up to several pages. However, 90% of all traffic goes to those websites that appear in the top 30 listings. When the inquiries were tracked, it was found that 100% of the first three listings were viewed; 85% of the time the 4th listing was viewed; and positions 5 through 10 were selected in 60% down to 20% of the time. The customer is less likely to view those websites that appear by scrolling down the result page. Is your web page showing up in those first lines of the search results?

It is important not to underestimate the online sales power of a website. Your website can be one of the most influential web marketing strategies to be used by your local company. Communications using the internet are items that a local company can invest in to provide more sales and ultimately more income.

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